Webinar OAuth Authentication with Business Central

General information

As you may have noticed, OAuth will soon be the only authentication mechanism for Business Central APIs. And many other Microsoft APIs support OAuth as well. APIs you may want to integrate with from Business Central. So it’s time to get prepared for OAuth! This webinar contains 2 sessions about OAuth authentication in combination with Business Central.

Target audience

Generally anyone involved with consuming Business Central APIs or calling external web services from AL, requiring OAuth authentication.


The webinar is organized in two sessions:

Wednesday, April 7, 2021OAuth authorization concepts, configuration, and the different authorization flows.
Using OAuth authentication to call Business Central APIs.
Thursday, April 8, 2021Available OAuth libraries in different languages, like C#, PowerShell, and Javascript.
Using OAuth in AL to authenticate against external web services from Business Central by using the standard library in the application, as well as how to build your own OAuth library in AL code.
TimeYour local time (based on your browser)
16.00 – 18:00 CEST (UTC+2)Click here for your local time

All sessions will be 90 – 120 minutes, including Q&A. After the sessions, you will receive the recordings of both sessions.


The price is € 250 excl. VAT per attendee for both sessions. If you are paying as a company, VAT is not invoiced (EU reverse charge rules apply). If you are paying as a private person, then Dutch VAT is applied at a rate of 21%

Registrations are handled first come first serve. You will receive an invoice and payment link within 3 business days after registration. Invitations for the online sessions will be sent after the payment has been received.


You need to have a Business Central environment available in order to work with APIs yourself. Preferably an online sandbox to make use of OAuth against Business Central APIs. For using OAuth from AL code, a local installation will also work.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate and contact me!