AL Advanced Development online course

When you are familiar with AL code and writing extensions for Business Central, there might be the feeling that there is more to discover. There are features in AL that you may have come across but never used because you don’t exactly know how they work. Or you wonder if you are using the full potential of the AL language.

Then this online course is for you!

Business Central Performance online course

A good performing application makes users happy. But identifying and solving performance issues can be daunting task. What do you do if users complain that “it is slow”? And are there actions you can take to prevent performance issues? This workshop will provide answers to these questions.

Business Central provides many features and tools to create a highly performant solution. In this workshop you will learn those techniques and how to use them. At the end you will be able to write better performing apps and you will know how to identify the root cause of performance issues.

AL Development online course

This AL development online course is targeted at Dynamics NAV developers who want to bridge the gap to developing extensions with AL in VS Code for Business Central. It’s a new world with many new possibilities and it can be quite overwhelming even if you are very experienced in C/SIDE and C/AL. No worries, this training will get you started! You will learn how to set up your environments, create objects, and how to deploy your extensions as apps to end-customers. Whether you develop for the SaaS platform or on-premises, or both, it doesn’t matter, you will get all the information you need, including tips and tricks based on four years experience with developing extensions in AL.

Business Central APIs online course

This online course is a series of 4 sessions about APIs in Business Central. There are so many possibilities with APIs beyond the standard usage. After this course, you will have learned how to make optimal use of all those possibilities. The course will be delivered online with Teams. All sessions will be recorded and distributed to the attendees.

As you may have noticed, basic authentication for Business Central APIs will be deprecated within a year. So it’s time to prepare for OAuth! This online training contains 4 sessions about OAuth authentication in combination with Business Central.