AL Advanced Development online course

General Information

When you are familiar with AL code and writing extensions for Business Central, there might be the feeling that there is more to discover. There are features in AL that you may have come across but never used because you don’t exactly know how they work. Or you wonder if you are using the full potential of the AL language.

Then this online course is for you!

In a series of 4 sessions, we will cover many features that will fill up your AL toolbelt! Just to pick a few: interfaces, partial records, collecting errors, writing upgrade code, and much, much more!


Monday, October 17, 2022AL Language Objects
Tuesday, October 18, 2022AL Language Features
Wednesday, October 19, 2022AL Programming
Thursday, October 20, 2022Extensibility
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16:00 – 18:00 CEST (UTC+2) Click here for your local time

All sessions will be 2 hours long, including Q&A. After the sessions, you will receive the recordings and materials. Between the sessions, you will be able to ask questions via Teams or by email.


The price is € 495 excl. VAT per attendee for the complete series of 4 sessions.

Registrations are handled first come first serve. You will receive an invoice and payment link within 3 business days after registration.  Invitations for the online session will be sent after the payment has been received.


  • Basic knowledge of AL development

Any questions? Don’t hesitate and contact me!


Session 1 – AL Language Objects

The AL language has more objects and types than tables, pages, codeunits, and reports. Or text, integer, and boolean variables. What about interfaces, recordrefs, or variants? Or XML, JSON, and HTTP objects? It will be a challenge to cover it all in just 2 hours!

Session 2 – AL Language Features

There are some hidden gems in the AL language. We will try to uncover them so you can add them to your toolbox. Get known to different methods of error handling, like working with TryFunctions or collecting errors. Learn more about access modifiers and how they can help you to make your code more robust. Ever had the need to find out if a function was called by your code or from another app? In this session you will see how that works!

Session 3 – AL Programming

Ok, nice all those features. But there is more! Business Central comes with a platform that allows you to make use of functionality that will make your (development) life a lot easier. The System Application consists of many modules and apps that you can leverage to write better code.

Session 4 – Extensibility

In the previous sessions, we have not covered a very important feature of the AL language. A cornerstone when it comes to developing extensions: working with events! We will deep dive into this feature and see that there is a lot more than just creating an event subscriber. Learn about the difference between automatic and manual instances and what isolated events are. Furthermore, in this session we will look at creating control add-ins that will enrich the user interface.