Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central API v2.0 Reference

31 Jan

I’m delighted to introduce a new book I had the pleasure of co-authoring. A book that is aiming to be a full reference for all standard Business Central APIs. It contains a lot of information about APIs in general and in detail for every single API. And with details, I really mean details: not only examples of input and output but also a mapping of each field to their corresponding field on the pages in Business Central.

A big shout out and thank you to Jeremy Vyska who asked me to help write this book. Together with Philip von Bahr, he did an incredible job exploring and describing all APIs in so much detail. My contribution to the book is mainly the chapter about OAuth and background information on the Sales and Purchase document APIs.

All information about the book can be found here, including a link to buy the eBook:

I really hope you enjoy this book!

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    • Which link do you mean? The link in the post works for me. In the first version it was a text and not a link, that has been corrected already.

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