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5 Nov

It appears that people are waiting for this. Being approached several times last week with the question ‘when will you update the NAV Image Library with NAV 2017 imags’, I started to feel obliged to deliver a new version quite soon. And so I did. Smile

The updated Dynamics NAV Image Library with the NAV 2017 images is available for download at mibuso.




Microsoft have been quite careful with the images. There are only a few changes:

  • 16 new action icons (on a total of 1049!)
  • 1 action icon has been redesigned
  • 4 new icons for the Departments menu
  • 1 icon of the Department menu has been redesigned

No images were removed, so all images from Dynamics NAV 2015 and 2016 are available and only 2 have been changed.

New Action images

Bookingslogo BookingsLogo
CancelApprovalRequest CancelApprovalRequest
CoupledPurchaseInvoice CoupledPurchaseInvoice
CoupledSalesInvoice CoupledSalesInvoice
CreateWorkflow CreateWorkflow
DecreaseIndent DecreaseIndent
ExportDatabase ExportDatabase
JobPurchaseInvoice JobPurchaseInvoice
JobSalesInvoice JobSalesInvoice
NewPurchaseInvoice NewPurchaseInvoice
NewSalesInvoice NewSalesInvoice
NewSalesQuote NewSalesQuote
PurchaseInvoice PurchaseInvoice
SalesInvoice SalesInvoice
Workflow Workflow
WorkflowSetup WorkflowSetup

Redesigned Action image

Old New
PrepaymentInvoice PrepaymentInvoice PrepaymentInvoice

New Department menu images

12 12
13 13
14 14
15 15

Changed Department menu images

Old New
10 10 10





Compared to Dynamics NAV 2016, which had 19 new action images, we have about the same number of new action images in NAV 2017. It seems that some images are introduced to distinguish between sales and purchase. We already had an image called CoupledInvoice, but now we also have CoupledPurchaseInvoice and CoupledSalesInvoice. Purchase icons have a red accent and sales icons have a green accent.

Well, that’s it, enjoy the NAV Image Library!

7 thoughts on “Dynamics NAV 2017 Image Library

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  2. Great Utility!

    Only one problem: Mibuso seems to be serving the 2015 version on the “Dewnload” Button!

    I haven’t figured out how to get your most recent version from Mibuso.

    Am I the only one to notice this?

    Could you please send the, um, 2017 one, or at least get Mibuso to fix their Download Button?



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