NAV Techdays 2015 – The Web Service Examples

26 Nov

NAV Techdays was held last week in Antwerp, and it was (again) a fantastic event. With 953 attendees from 42 countries it was a fully packed event. At the preconference day, there were 13 workshops attended by 180 people. It was really exciting to meet so many people who are passionate about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and share experiences and knowledge. The organization of such a big event is not that easy, but everything was smooth and well organized. Even the room cards in the conference hotel were printed with the NAV Techdays theme!

Photos of the conference can be viewed here:

Web Services

Together with Mark Brummel ( we held a session about web services. And it was really fun to prepare and demonstrate a number of useful web services. Based on the response, the demos were very much appreciated by the audience.

By the way, these web services were also demonstrated at Directions EMEA and US. But at NAV Techdays the sessions are longer and we used that to dive more into the code.

At this point I also want to thank Gary Winter who first came up with the idea to present really useful web services as part of the MVP track at Directions.


The complete code of the demos are available to download here.

DISCLAIMER All code is free to use, without warranty or support. Maybe, maybe, there will be a training on web services and Dynamics NAV somewhere next year.

However, only providing the code doesn’t feel right. I also want to explain more in detail how these demos work. So I plan a series of posts, one demo per post.

The series will be as follows:

Have fun following the series. I hope you get enough inspiration out of this.

20 thoughts on “NAV Techdays 2015 – The Web Service Examples

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  2. Any hint or source about dotnet type for APIResult, please! It was some simple wrapper in VS as I remember. I found Class description on validator website under C#, but still cant reproduce this component to work.

    Of couse, great session was 🙂

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  4. Hi Ajk

    Thanks for the nice blog.
    I am following it for an SMS API Integration in NAV and able to send SMS 🙂
    But while deserialising the JSON response i am getting error that “Could not create an instance of type Dot net..”.

    I have created dll using JSON response and using same in C/Al Dotnet variable.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Hi Hemant, the bulksms api doesn’t return a JSON response. It is just a string with a status code and description, divided by a | charachter.

      • Hi Ajk,

        Thanks for revert.

        We are using SMS Dome instead of Bulk SMS.
        Now i am getting JSON results.The issue i found is my JSON dll dot net variable is Run On Client (TRUE) and Newtonsoft dot net variable Run on Client(FALSE). Now i put the add in server and make Run on Client(FALSE) .

        Now it is not giving error.
        Appreciate your reply.


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  7. Hello,
    I would like download E-mails (I followed presentation from NAVTechDays), but I didn’t find NavEwsSyncWrapper. Is it possible share it?

    Thank you for response

  8. still waiting for your posting.
    I need to call NAV web service from NAV using code unit 1290. if you can provide me a sample of that would be great.

    • Is Codeunit 1290 a requirement? What web service type (Page / Codeunit) do you want to call and what is the purpose?

  9. Does not matter, I want to use dotnet object. I need to run single NAS and run the process for multiple companies.

    • Ok, in that case you will be fine. I’m currently preparing a post about using NAV Web Services directly from NAV, all based on OData / Json. In both directions, and without the need to install extra DotNet objects.
      Expect to have it online during the weekend (no promises… things can change…)

  10. Hey,
    is it as simple as in your example to use the ContentType “multipart/form-data”?
    Iam having a “Content-Disposition“-Header with the Attribut name=”document“.

    I have to send a XML File and get a File back with a Base64 String.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Sure, uploading a file should be possible. You probably need to use MultipartFormDataContent instead of StringContent. Or add StringContent to MultipartFormDataContent, depending on the endpoint you are using.

      There no such thing as a generic upload file example that works in any give scenario. You need to write your code to work with the specific endpoint that you are dealing with.

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