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13 Oct

This post is becoming a traditional one. About one week after the official release of a new version of Dynamics NAV I feel almost obliged to release a new version of the Dynamics NAV Image Library.

The updated Dynamics NAV Image Library with the NAV 2016 images is available for download at mibuso.



Dynamics NAV 2016 is a huge release if we look at all the new features. This is not reflected in the number of changed images, though. I counted a total of 19 new action images and just 1 new tile icon. No images have been removed and none of the images has been redesigned. So all images from Dynamics NAV 2015 are available and they are unchanged.

Action images

The new action images are:


Of course the Coupledxxxxx images are added because of the new CRM integration. Other new images also reflect some of the new features in NAV 2016.

Tile images

There is just one new Tile image in Dynamics NAV 2016:


This image is used on Page 1310 Mini Activities on the Control Action “Create Incoming Doc. from Camera” that is on the CueGroup Camera. Page 1310 is used on Page 9022 Small Business Role Center.

Tile Images were introduced in NAV 2013 R2. See this post for more information about how they can be used.

The Tile Images will also work on the Dynamics NAV Universal App. Especially the Camera action makes sense here. It is a new feature that connects Dynamics NAV with device specific hardware. For more information about using the camera with Dynamics NAV see this MSDN article.


Although Dynamics NAV 2016 is a huge release, the design is still the same as first introduced with version NAV 2013 R2. I hear sometimes different opinions about the current design, both positive and negative. But one thing is for sure: the user experience remains the same throughout the subsequent versions. As a result, users don’t have to learn again how to work with Dynamics NAV in a new version.

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  2. Heey Arend-Jan,

    first sorry for my bad English but my English skills are Work in progress.

    A big compliment for your work. I find your tool really good and useful.

    But I have a suggestion, can you make a API or .dll, because I would use your tool like an add-in. That would make the daily work much more efficiently. Especially in connection with OMA.

    Would be cool to hear from you

    Many greetings of a trainee,


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