NAV 2013 R2 Tile Images

15 Nov

Three weeks ago I released the NAV 2013 R2 Image Library. When I explored the images in NAV 2013 R2, I discovered a new image type: Tile images.


Of course I tried to find out how these images should be used, but I at that time I couldn’t find what the idea was behind these images. Until last week at the NAV Techdays.

The Tile images can be used on the Role Center in the Web Client. They become big buttons, Windows 8 style, on the start page of the Role Center.


To use these Tile images you must:

  • Define an empty Cue Group on the Activities Page
  • Assign Control Actions to this Cue Group
  • Assign a Tile image to the Control Actions

Take a look at Page 1310 Mini Activities:

There is an empty Cue Group, with caption ‘Getting Started’. See the caption above the tiles on the screen-print of the RoleCenter.


This CueGroup has three Control Actions:


And to make the picture complete, here are the properties of the first Control Action, with image TileVideo:


Take a closer look at the Caption and ToolTip. The Caption is displayed over the Tile:


The ToolTip is displayed when you hover over the Tile:



How does this look in the Windows Client? The Windows Client does not show the Control Actions as a tile, but they are displayed as the usual hyperlink:



Where are the other two Control Actions? Well, these two are hidden in the Windows Client because there is no video control available. Look at Page 1310 and you will find out that the Visible property is set based on the client type.

Tip: don’t put any fields in the CueGroup if you want to use Tile actions. Putting a field in the Cue Group will force the Web Client to show tiles for the fields instead of the Control Actions.

And of course I’ve updated the Image Library tool. I have posted it to Mibuso and it will become available on this page.

6 thoughts on “NAV 2013 R2 Tile Images

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  2. Great info. Thanks.
    Busy myself with an NAV-R2-implementation. Hope to go live in September.

    Now customizing some pages and browsing the web for info.
    Thank you!

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