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31 Aug

If you are going to visit Directions EMEA 2013 you might have had a look at the agenda. And you probably noticed that there are two sources to look at: the agenda and the content overview. The agenda shows all the timeslots with a session code while the content overview gives an detailed description about the content of each session.

I don’t know about you, but each time that I look at the agenda, I asked myself the question: why not put these together in one view? If I want to choose between the sessions in certain timeslot, I have to browse through a 21-page PDF to determine which session is of interest for me. And if I want to know which timeslot is the best to attend a workshop I’m completely lost because I have to figure out the sessions in three or four timeslots…

Ok, there is an app that can help you to plan the sessions. However, this app suffers the same kind of problem: a huge list of content, but no easy overview how sessions overlap.

So I thought that it would be a good idea to compose an Outlook Calendar with all sessions on it, including the title and content, so that I have an overview in one source.
To link it to our business: turning data into information! Winking smile

And because I can imagine that I’m not the only one with this problem I’m glad to share this Outlook Calendar with you. We use Office 365, so publishing a Calendar from Outlook was very easy.

To open the calendar in a browser, use this link. Switch to day view to benefit the most from the published information. Double click a session to see detailed information.

To subscribe to the calendar using Outlook, use this link. It gives the complete sessionlist including details in Outlook.


Some remarks:

Unfortunately, the iPad is not displaying the calendar properly. To open the calendar in touch mode, use this link: However, each time you tap on an item to see the details, an overlay will be displayed that cannot be closed. Just refresh the whole page to reload it. I’m sorry…

For iPad users it is probably a better idea to first open the shared calendar in Outlook and copy the items to your default calendar. The downside is that you will not profit from any updates (if there will be…)

That brings me to updates. I will try to update the calendar when changes are announced. No warranties… Smile with tongue out

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