Better late than never: Congratulations to Mark & Luc

14 Apr

Ok, I must admit that it is a bit too late. But I do want to take the opportunity to publicly congratulate Mark Brummel and Luc van Vugt with their MVP status for 2011. Especially Luc, who achieved the MVP status for the very first time.

Here we go: Mark and Luc, congratulations! Thumbs up

It is a pleasure to work together in the Dutch Dynamics Community with two decorated professionals!

Talking about the Dutch Dynamics Community: did you notice that the next event will take place on May 19? If not, please mark the date! More information can be found here. And don’t forget to vote for the topics here.

You may have noticed that the site of the Dutch Dynamics Community is a little bit outdated. That is due to a database failure. It has been fixed now and we plan to update the site next week.

See you on May, 19 in Veenendaal. And don’t forget to admire our newly baked MVP!

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