Suggestion for Available Databases Form in Dynamics NAV

19 Jan

As we all know the Classic Client will only be used as the development environment in NAV 7. I don’t how what your experience is with all kind of database versions, but my system tends to have databases and clients from different versions. One of the things I feel annoyed at is that I always have to search in the database list for the correct database. And if I click the wrong database, I will get a message if I want to upgrade the database. If you are not very alert, you may click before you even noticed the questions.

So I started to thought about a very simple solution. Wouldn’t it be an idea if the ‘Available Databases’ Form only shows the databases with the correct version for your Classic Client? With a button to Show All databases if you really are in the business of upgrading a certain database.

Here are some screenshots that such a Form would look like:

If you would like such an improvement, then please vote for it on the Connect site:

3 thoughts on “Suggestion for Available Databases Form in Dynamics NAV

  1. That’s strange. I checked it again, but I was able to get back to the suggestion on Connect via the link. And others also were able since the votes are already counting. Are you subscribed to Dynamics NAV in Connect?

    Thanks by the way for voting 😉

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